The Mercedes W108, W109 V8 With Buyer's Guide, Chassis Number And Data Card Explanation

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The Mercedes-Benz W109 300SEL 6.3 was for Daimler-Benz an important milestone. It was a mixture of two cars that did not sell too well: the 600 and 300SEL. Updated in April 2018, this 220-page book tells the complete story of the 6.3, 3.5 and 4.5 L versions. It walks you through the cars’ history, explains their chassis number and data card and comes with a comprehensive buyer’s guide. All this is accompanied by superb recent non-Daimler AG color photography; this includes pictures of the suspension. These are some of the topics covered:
•The birth of the 6.3
•The 300SEL 6.3
•The 300SEL 3.5 and 4.5
•The 280 SE/SEL 3.5 and 4.5
•The coachbuilders
•The racing history, including the AMG “Red Sow”
•W108/W109 chassis number explained
•W108/W109 data card explained
•What is my V8 worth, price developments from March 2010 to March 2018
•W108/W109 buyer’s guide
•Paint and interior options
•Power and torque curves
•Technical specificatons

A separate chapter is devoted to safety guru Béla Barényi, whose concepts greatly influenced how Mercedes cars like the W108/109 were designed. This guide ends with a free book offer. Enjoy!

This is, what people have to say about this book
M. Sierra, New York:
I have just acquired a 1972 280SE and with this book I learned the story and backstage accounts of the design and production of the W108 and W109 bodies series, which I find one of the nicest designs Mercedes ever made. Now I also know how mechanically sound they are too. The "Buyer's Guide" section is extremely useful for anybody contemplating venturing into buying and/or restoring one of these oldies. I did some research and have not found any other book as detailed as this one.

McLean, Virginia:
I have a 72 280se 4.5 that I am in the process of bringing back to a like new condition. This book has a lot of details and stories about the W108/109 series of sedans. After reading this book you will understand the logic that the engineers used in designing and improving this model of car through its life cycle. The section on Barenyi is very interesting

The author Bernd S. Koehling has over 25 Mercedes books and e-books to his credit. They cover cars from the 1936 170V to the 2012 SL R231.

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Bernd S. Koehling

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