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The Miraculous Healing Powers of Ginger

Table of Contents
Knowing More about Ginger
Natural curative properties of Ginger
Ginger for Your Skin
Cure infected boils
Removing skin blemishes
Curing Urticaria
Cure itching
What is Dodder?
How to make desi ghee for natural remedies
Pimple and blackheads remedy
Ginger For Serious Diseases
Rib Cage Pain
Ginger for your Throat
Ginger for your Tummy
How many times have you heard this aphorism, “he has lots of pep, vim and Ginger in him” while talking about a very energetic and dynamic person. Yes, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is that rhizome, which has been considered through millenniums to be a cure-all for all diseases in ancient medicine and give that extra zip to your life. It is a shrub, with its rhizomes growing underground. The Ginger root can have a diameter of anywhere between one – 6 inches. Ginger is best known for its strong odor and distinctively sharp taste.
The origin of Ginger is supposed to be in the Indian subcontinent, from where it reached China and became a necessary part of Chinese herbal medicine millenniums ago. It has been in use as an important ingredient in herbal medicines as well as oriental cuisine for millenniums. Traders in the eighth and ninth centuries took Ginger, which is a considered to be a spice to the other parts of the world. Ginger cultivation is done mainly in India, China and Taiwan. In India, the Ginger species cultivated in Kerala is considered to be supreme in matters of taste, potency and strength.
The medicinal properties of Ginger are considered to be tried and proven. Nevertheless, Western researchers are still looking for statistics which tell them that yes, Ginger works in curing diseases, and the result is visible. Well, this book should help them to get to know all about Ginger’s curative properties for diseases and to use any recipe given for any of their research. After all, these have been new ways to cure people naturally for millenniums by Chinese, Indian, [Ayurveda] Greek [Unani] and Persian physicians.
For millenniums people have believed that if you have a little bit of Ginger in your daily diet, it is going to help keep you healthy. It is also going to keep your immunity system healthy, through winter and summer.
Ginger is considered to be a heat producing rhizome and that is why it is eaten, more often in the winter than in summer. Dried ginger is known as a spice, while Ginger in its raw form, is considered to be a vegetable/herb. You can need Ginger raw or in cooked form. Ginger is also very popular as a Ginger pickle. So you find pieces of raw Ginger in your lemon juice accompaniment when you are eating out in an Asian restaurant, enjoy.

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