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A homicide detective like no other delves into the mind of a madman in this explosive, page-turning near-future thriller from the author of The Memory Detective.

Cole Jones isn’t afraid to die. His whole career has been built on facing death in the most intimate of ways—by taking on victims’ memories to solve their murders. That’s why the tabloids dubbed him the Memory Detective. What Cole’s really afraid of is that the job is going to drive him crazy.
With fourteen memory transfers under his belt, Cole might finally be on the brink of madness. After solving a grisly murder that took a huge toll on his psyche, he promised himself he would become a “normal” cop. Then a bomb goes off in New York, and Cole is once again called on to use his unique skills—in a way he’s never been tested before.
With a dead suspect and mere days before the next threatened bombing, Cole must use the memories of the murderer to piece together a devious plot. Facing a literal ticking time bomb, Cole must fight the memories battling in his head. If he can’t put himself in the mind of the killer in time, more people will die. But if he can, something inside of him might die instead.

Krimis und Thriller
4. Juni
Random House Publishing Group

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