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A new romance is heating up the old west.  Secrecy, rivalry, and jealousy may be the death of it.  The stakes couldn't be higher.  Can they survive the flames?

Bedelia Longmore had resigned herself to becoming the town spinster. Always in a hurry, she looked the part most afternoons appearing frazzled, her hat perched slightly cock-eyed on her head. Being an old maid did not bother her, and Biddy was certainly capable of making her mark on the world. She quickly determined she would publish Centerville's first newspaper. She began to plan accordingly.

Successful reporter Thornton James arrived from Topeka with a plan. He, too, was looking for a place to begin his publishing career. A chance meeting with Bedelia Longmore was an unexpected stroke of luck. She knew everyone, their habits, their preferences and clearly more than she revealed regarding their personal lives.

"Mr. James, you never did say what you were planning to do here in town," she said breathlessly.

"I guess I didn't," he admitted with a smile. "I plan to start Centerville's first newspaper. I really must hurry if I'm going to make my appointment at the bank."

Bedelia watched him until he was out of sight as though glued to the boardwalk. A newspaper! He was the reason the bank had denied her a loan that very morning! Damn, she'd given him far too much information and unwittingly passed on some of her best ideas! Hell's bells.

Let the competition begin!

The Newspaper Man and Bedelia is Book 3 of the Come Sundown Series. Don't miss books 1&2:

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10. Juli
Stevie MacFarlane

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