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The notorious Mrs. Wright–and the resourceful Mr. Lewis

Private investigator Whit Lewis is pursuing a case that has taken him to St. Augustine, Florida. His assignment: track down a woman named Susan Wright. A woman whose real name, he believes, is Emma Webster.

Emma's family hired him to find her. She ran away as a teenager more than twenty years ago, leaving behind a trail of confusion and deception, of false identities and unanswered questions. Now "Susan Wright" lives in St. Augustine with her son, Tom; she owns a successful restaurant called–fittingly enough–Illusions.

Whether she's Susan or Emma or both, it's part of Whit's job to get to know her; it's not part of his job to fall in love.

About the author

Fay Robinson lives in Waverly, Alabama. She is a former radio news director and newspaper editor. She has won awards for her personal columns, feature stories, news reporting and investigative reporting, and spearheaded a community service effort that resulted in national recognition for her former station. For many years she covered her state legislature and criminal courts. Her articles resulted in the arrest of more than one criminal, including a serial rapist and murderer. Her interest in the legal system, criminology and law are often reflected in her novels. Fay enjoys researching and does so extensively for each novel. She has also written for the techniques of research for magazines such as Writer's Digest. Her other passion is genealogy. She has researched and written about her family's history and has written a continuing genealogy column for magazines and newspapers. Fay is training for national certification as a professional genealogist and is studying for her certification as a legal investigator. She is taking or has taken courses in forensics, forensic facial artistry and reconstruction and crime scene investigation.

27. Januar
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