The Power of Change and Personal Reinvention

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The Power of Change and Personal Reinvention

The art of REDESIGNING your life, REINVENTING YOURSELF, undertaking, innovating, and creating a new and improved version of yourself

Wonderful Book on SELF-HELP, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, THE POWER OF CHANGE and PERSONAL REINVENTION that will help you REDESIGN AND BE REBORN LIKE THE PHOENIX on a fantastic journey of Personal Rediscovery. Which allows you to REINVENT YOURSELF and INNOVATE your LIFE and Developing the Maximum of Your Human Potential to the Next Level, creating a New and Improved Version of Yourself.

In this book in your special edition, you will learn to:

* Adapt to changes that occur in life, motivate you to get out of your comfort zone, help you overcome the uncertainty zone and explore new learning zones that allow you to undertake and innovate.
* Promote the flexibility of tactical -strategic thinking and the understanding of the mental processes and Psychological What motivate you to act, make things happen and overcoming the fear of the unknown.
* Develop the competent skills that allow you TO ADAPT TO CHANGES, INNOVATE and START A NEW VENTURE.
* Have an ACTION PLAN, and a LIFE PROJECT clear and defined that allows you to consolidate your skills, Skills, and Skills in your ongoing process of “REDISCOVERY and PERSONAL INNOVATION.
* Know and master the basic principles of PERSONAL REINVENTION that allow you to finally REINVENT yourself continuously, REDESIGN your life, BE REBORN like the phoenix, RENEW yourself like the eagle and CREATE A NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION OF YOURSELF. That inspires you to start living an extraordinary life centered on principles and values.

Basic Principles for Success and Preliminary Laws of Success series. Vol. 3 of 7
3rd Special Edition Revised, Updated and Extended
(Includes Practical Exercises and Action Plan)
Transformational Coach
International Writer and Lecturer

Hello that such champions; a great greeting, once again I am sharing with all of you another interesting topic that I titled REENGINEERING AND PERSONAL REINVENTION, THE ART OF REDESIGNING A NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION OF OURSELVES.

To introduce the teaching of this new book, I'm going to do it through the power of metaphorical language. Since this tool is a powerful form of teaching, through figurative and allegorical representations, which allows the reader to identify with the stories.

While receiving the message encoded in the content of the topic being studied. Allowing greater retention of ideas, and decreasing resistance to change, while new hypnotic patterns are being programmed, allowing the reader to develop the fullest of their human potential to their next level.

The reason, I decided to use this methodology, is to transmit to you my friends, in a simple way a topic that is complex and profound; but that, through this technique of the NEURO — LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, the main idea can arrive subjectively, producing radically positive and permanent changes in its mental and psychological structure.

The purpose of starting this topic with a metaphor is to analyze how (PROGRAMMING OUR MENTAL STRUCTURE and PSYCHOLOGICAL) with correct schedules, we can generate permanent positive changes. Which are maintained over time, and allow us to begin our process of REENGINEERING AND PERSONAL REINVENTION, which is the art of creating and redesigning a new and improved version of ourselves on our way to personal excellence.
Optimizing the configuration of beliefs, and potentiating the ability to adapt to the changes that occur in life. That allows us to get out of our COMFORT ZONE, explore our panic zone or zone of uncertainty and finally explore our LEARNING AREA or magic zone and become the person we want to become.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
19. Oktober
Ylich Tarazona

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