The Roaring 2000'S The Roaring 2000'S

The Roaring 2000'S

Building the Wealth and Lifestyle You Desire in the Greatest Boom in History

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In his bestselling book, The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1993, Harry Dent, one of the world's most prescient economic prognosticators, stood practically alone in forecasting a new age of prosperity emerging in the 1990s and extending into the new century. Dent foresaw a booming stock market, falling mortgage rates, and the resurgence of America as the premier global economic superpower. All of his predictions have come to fruition.
Now, in The Roaring 2000s, Dent focuses his visionary eye on the full spectrum of changes that will follow in the wake of the burgeoning turn-of-the-century economy. According to Dent, how and where we work and live is about to change more drastically than at any time in our history due to the convergence of the mainstreaming of the Internet and other technologies and the peak spending years of the aging baby boomers. This will result in nothing less than the greatest boom in history and an unprecedented opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs, great buys in real estate, and a wealth of high-quality lifestyle choices for the savvy people who anticipate these changes. We will we such rapid and exciting change as we have not seen since the dizzying pace of the productivity revolution unleashed by the assembly line in the Roaring Twenties.
Dent not only offers detailed investment strategies aimed at exploiting the coming boom for the next fifteen years but he also explains future trends in the job market, technology, demographics, and real estate. He foresees the next great population migration and explores the radically different business and organizational structures that will be the offspring of the Information Age. At the crux of these changes is the fundamental shift to a new network model wherein front-line human "browsers" focus on intimately understanding the needs of a unique segment of customers and coordinate the products or expertise of specialized back-line human "servers" to customize solutions.
With new research tools applied to the trends that have developed within the last few years, The Roaring 2000s reveals concrete predictions and indepth insights into the next decade, including:

• A Dow that continues to soar and will eventually reach at least 21,500, and possibly 35,000, by the year 2008
• The importance of "gazelles," small- to medium-sized, high-growth companies, which today are creating most of of the jobs in this country
• The rapid future economic development in countries in die Far East, South America, and Eastern Europe, and select areas of Africa, and what that means for investment, employment, and business growth opportunities now
The Roaring 2000s also describes the lifestyle changes these developments will inspire, including:
• The New American Deam -- why changing techologies could mean a return to small-town living and which nine types of boomtowns will offer the highest quality of life in the decades ahead
• Investment strategies that will help readers get the most out of a rapidly changing world
It is essential, Dent explains, to understand the magnitude and nature of the forces changing our economy and lifestyles in order to take advantage of the invaluable, emerging opportunities for significantly improving ones quality of life. The Roaring 2000s is a necessary guidebook to the not-so-distant future.

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15. Juli
Simon & Schuster

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