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Regan James may be fifty years old, but her face, body, and libido could belong to a woman decades younger. She’s a wealthy San Francisco socialite and three years a widow, who believes in spending whatever it takes, both in monetary terms and in gymnasium time to keep herself in the sort of shape that a much younger woman might envy.

For twenty-six magical years, Regan enjoyed a wonderful, very sexual relationship with her husband, Ralph James. A car crash may have taken Ralph away from her, but his sudden loss has done nothing to curb her intense sex drive.

Having found online dating and singles clubs to be intensely disappointing ways to meet the sort of sexy, fun, interesting man she’s seeking, Regan at last agrees to try the “swinger lifestyle” in an attempt to access, at least sexually, the kind of free-spirited men she longs to meet. In swinger circles, an unattached woman who shows up at a party is always admitted to the festivities. And such visits are very much encouraged, but are, in reality, so rare that such women are known as “unicorns”—because they are animals so mythic that you never actually see one.

At her very first party, Regan finds sexual Nirvana in the orgy room. But she also finds, within its mirrored walls, an old acquaintance of hers by the name of Reinhold Resler, “Riney” to his many friends and faithful readers. He’s a famous local newspaper columnist, best selling author and, much to Regan’s shock, a grand-master of sex and sensuality—a virtual satyr of a man.

And the wood nymph this satyr wants to pursue and ravish most turns out to be Regan James!

Will she succumb to his sexual wiles and, if she does, will it be the end of her short career as a swinger, or just the beginning?

Belletristik und Literatur
21. November
C.K. Ralston

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