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James Arthur Ray presents a proven step-by-step method for creating true prosperity and harmony in life, based upon timeless laws and principles. With penetrating insights and straightforward concepts, James gives you the tools necessary to tap into your own spiritual power center. A simple book that is by no means simplistic, combining fun stories and powerful anecdotes, The Science of Success gives you the power and the wisdom to create the life of your dreams.

“James Ray has done his homework.  He has invested years testing every move he suggests you make to enjoy a harmonic and successful life. He clearly explains how and why real success can be enjoyed by anyone willing to follow a series of lawful guidelines.”

Bob Proctor

Author, You Were Born Rich

“This is the best book on success I have ever read – ever! In The Science of Success, James Ray asks all the right questions then gives you all the right answers. This is an utterly superb book! I will use it from now on to make my life and work all I dreamed they could be.”

John Milton Fogg

Editor-in-Chief, Upline®

Author, The Greatest Networker in the World

“Relationships and partnerships are key to anyone’s long term success. The Science of Success shows you how to leverage both in order to accelerate the achievement of your dreams.”

Tony Alessandra, PhD

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James Arthur Ray

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