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The Sisters' Week Series: Volumes 1-3 (Box Set) contains the first three books in the Sisters Week Series:

Crime At Cripple Creek:

Beth is flying to Colorado for a week with her two sisters, Joy and Lynn. On the flight she is seated next to a very handsome, single FBI agent named Tyler. Both Tyler and Beth can feel a strong attraction growing by the time their plane lands in Denver. Beth is distracted by this attraction but knows this week is primarily for the three sisters to laugh, be silly and have fun, which they start off doing until Beth stumbles upon a dead body and Tyler is worried that he might not be able to keep Beth alive long enough for the two to explore the romance they briefly started.

This book is a novella.

Murder At Myrtle Beach:

Three sisters planned to spend a fun, relaxing week at the beach.

Before the week even got started, though, the three were involved in a murder as well as a suspected case of embezzlement. While the three women, an FBI Agent, and a local Detective work hard to unravel the mystery, more bodies were added to the mystery.

The local Detective wondered if one of these sisters was truly a victim or the suspect. He hoped he would be able to keep them safe long enough to find out, especially since he was very attracted to the youngest sister.

This books is a novella of 17,000 words.

Trapped In Tunica:

Three sisters who enjoy taking vacation together twice a year, head to Memphis, Tennessee and Tunica, Mississippi. They usually have a lot of laughs and go home with wonderful memories. The last two "sisters' weeks" didn't go too well, and from the looks of this one, it would follow suit. Three women are attacked, one of them being the middle sister. While the three, along with their law enforcement boyfriends try collecting clues, two women die. If the group didn't want one of their own added to the death list, they better work fast.

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