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Have you been told these myths?

"You need to do cardio to lose weight."

"You need to stretch."

"Back pain means your core is weak."

"Cardio is the most important exercise."

"Older people should exercise differently."

"You need to focus on special core exercises."

Exercise and diet fads come and go all of the time, still only 23% of Americans get enough exercise. People get discouraged because they don't know what to believe. They suffer unnecessary pain—thinking that it's their lot in life or all just part of getting older—because they don't know that their pain can be eliminated with the right exercise.

Susan Finley knows what it's like to think of exercise as uncomfortable and embarrassing. Growing up, she was the "bookworm" who hated P.E. classes and never imagined she'd become an evangelist for the life-changing effects of exercise. She discovered that physical strength leads to confidence and self-sufficiency, which results in mental strength. 

Exercise has been called "The Fountain of Youth," with the health impact of a miracle drug—and no side effects. Most people don't realize a small dose yields tremendous benefits.

Yes, you can move better, feel better, and live better without beating up your body or using gimmicky diets!

Susan uses her experience from 35 years of working with hundreds of clients to encourage people to take charge of their quality of life by getting strong, eating and sleeping well, and managing stress.

In short easy to read chapters, The Smarter Way will show you
the most worthwhile approach to exercisestrategies for long-term weight loss the most effective way to manage back painhow to set up a pain-free workstation the way to walk so that it's kinder to your body what you need to know about shoes the keys to cultivating a mindset that will help you live longer—and happier
The Smarter Way is a roadmap for optimal health, less pain, and creating a life you love. ♥

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