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A beautifully written love story, The Song draws the reader into a provocative epic of self-discovery, a tightly layered tale of joy and sorrow, remorse and renewal.

Mayeve Taylor embarks on life in a three-stoplight Southern town in the fifties. In the dead letter that is her life, she discovers a friend who changes her view of the world—Champ, a black youth with knowledge of things beyond his years. In spite of the times, Champ and Mayeve forge a devoted friendship. When Mayeve’s brother murders their stepfather in a fit of rage, evidence points to an innocent Champ, and he takes the fall. Shattered and looking for love and redemption in any guise, Mayeve buries her shameful secrets and recreates herself as Eve. Her determination to find meaning in a meaningless world, leads her to life-altering revelations and the book to a bittersweet ending as Eve Webster assumes a sacred mission.

"This book can reveal life's deeper meanings for you." James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

"The Prince of Tides meets The Celestine Prophecy." Joel Fotinos, publisher Tarcher Putnam

"No one who reads The Song will ever view his life in quite the same way." Kathryn Wall, author Bay Tanner mystery series.

"A first-rate debut from a fresh, new Southern voice. There are delights to be found on almost every page." John Maxim, author of Haven and The Shadow Box.

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16. Januar
Jo Williams

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