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'The Spanking Follies' is a collection of fifteen short stories united in theme by romantic consensual adult spanking. The stories need not be read in any particular order, as each has its own beginning, middle, and end. Unlike many books of erotic literature, the stories have plot development, surprises, and intricate characters with plans, foibles, and often a humorous twist to their sexuality. While the stories may be classified as erotic, a more appropriate term is romantic, as any sexual references are very limited. The language and manners are upscale, relationships are long-term and supportive, and vulgarity is completely absent. While the media may characterize spanking as creepy or weird, 'The Spanking Follies' treats this BDSM (various non-traditional sexually arousing practices: Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) subset in a more positive way, often as an inducement to intimacy rather than a method of torture, punishment, or isolated sexual gratification.
Often romantic or erotic novels have dominant men while the women are submissive and innocent. The Spanking Follies neutralizes this overworked genre and creates strong characters of both genders, as when Phillip, an inexperienced young man, is tricked into entering a women's gym. The women take a break from their work outs, while Philip has an entirely new life experience.
The settings are remarkably varied. For instance, what is a sales manager to do when production is slipping? Hint: You won't find this method being used in any of the Fortune 500 companies.
Nearly all the stories are contemporary, with characters with cell phones and ability to access the internet. This is the basis for the first story where an opportunistic video producer stumbles upon a new, strong-willed actress, in an amusing way.
In a more serious story, spanking is treated as genuine punishment in a dramatic prison setting. But, consistent with the upbeat essence of the volume, even this intense story ends on a positive, romantic note.
The new game show, 'Spanking Truth or Consequences' is introduced in the tenth story. Very briefly, participants must answer tricky quiz questions correctly to avoid the paddle. Designed for TV, the ideal participants would be various cerebrally-oriented celebrities or certain prevaricating politicians.
Until now, the word 'spank' has been more shunned than even the most vulgar words in the English language, which are injected into motion picture dialogue and some popular fiction as if they were necessary spices needed to make the plot palatable. 'The Spanking Follies' takes a different approach, treating adult consensual spanking as a positive, beneficial, endearing, intimate activity.
Theoretically, this is supported by the relationship between spanker and spankee, as in the case of a schoolmaster and student. The schoolmaster has the duty to 'improve' the student, or change his behavior from bad to good, benefiting all. While there are no minors in any of the stories, some characters refer back to their childhood days when their parents delivered some very unforgettable discipline.
The Spanking Follies explores spanking in various levels of society, but carefully avoids the vulgar, obnoxious, and lowbrow, as the word 'spank' is elevated to something closely related to 'hug,' 'kiss,' or even 'love.'
The goal of this fascinating tome is to entertain and enchant by adding a new level of excitement, thrills, and humor that a relatively innocent journey into BDSM can create.
"... a talented writer with a very creative mind. The Spanking Follies is a plethora of wonderfully written, delightfully plotted stories. Although the stories all centre around the theme of 'spanking,' each offer a completely different experience and cover a wide range of genres from romance and comedy to erotica and drama. Each story will draw you in and keep you wanting more." -Jane Medbury, Quick Quill Editing.

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Robert Livenmore

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