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This book is intended as a breath of fresh air for those who think your relationship needs something extra. It may be you have an acquaintance, a friend or girlfriend you think would like to have a fun experience.

When you choose to do a strip show, always remember others' limits. That they must be respected, just as he or she must respect your boundaries. Whoever we are as a people, whether we are men or women, so we enjoy how others think of us and put us in the center of their lives. The same joy goes when we are talking about getting a strip show or doing one. I am about to make sure that the person you have chosen to get the experience to be in the center of this experience. People will love that is being done something extra for them as you give them this experience.

My desire with this book is to give an insight into, what it means to be a stripper and what underlies into a strip show. It is not intended that you should throw yourself into this profession, but more as something to refresh your relationship with. And you'll even get experience of being the star of the evening with the magic associated with it.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
16. August
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