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The Struggle Within: The Wind's Divine Melody is a multi-volume memoir written mostly in diary format. It chronicles the spiritual journey of a monk who has fallen from his moral standards and principles through the Dark Night of the Soul and into complete union with God. Aside from the name changes, this book is completely non-fiction. It is not meant to be read lightly or quickly, like a novel.

Jacob—as Arjuna D. Ghose named himself for this story—has mental health issues stemming from his youth. He learns to meditate and becomes truly blessed with God's Spirit, good looks, and a spiritual family. But then he loses everything. The imperfections in his nature—not completely conquered with meditation—become his biggest hurdle as he goes through adversities, including some very rare experiences. As spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy said, “Our weaknesses come forward so that we can strengthen them.” Were these adversities, which brought his weaknesses to the fore, bestowed upon Jacob so that who could realize God?

A journey through an inability to meditate, “blows of the Master” and spiritual dryness, The Wind's Divine Melody is a story of karma, insufficient faith, and spiritual progress. A journey of spiritual values, truths, and hard-earned lessons.

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27. Januar
Arjuna D. Ghose