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The coming revolution is not an external but an inner revolution: The allembracingrenewal of the being from within.How can a New Consciousness come transforming factor in the world?These are the questions dealt with in the Sunrevolution.The Sunrevolution shows ways into a new psychology of the soul and presents a vast synthesis of knowledge and experience for the harmonious growth of mature individual and community life.The Sunrevolution shows how expansion of consciousness leads to the creation of new ways of living and the building of Transformation Cities as the beginning andexpression of a planetary change from man to Future Man.The Sunrevolution shows the way into a future of peace, creativity, love and joy where all mankind will be united through progress and happiness in a world free from war and suppression.Michel Montecrossa, the author of the Sunrevolution is the futuristic founder of Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and its first satellite Miravillage in Germany, where the New Consciousness approach can be lived.The original basis of Mirapuri is the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo and hisspiritual partner Mira Alfassa, known as The Mother.Michel Montecrossa together with Mira Alfassa worked out the idea of Mirapuri during four years of a loving and creative friendship.The Sunrevolution contains the documentation of this original inspiration given by Mira Alfassa as well as its detailed expansion to be a step into a New Experience and Vision.Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and Miravillage, its first satellite in Germany today are two of the most exciting centres for the realisation of this New Experience and Vision, and the Sunrevolution is the essential work of Michel Montecrossa about this Adventure of Consciousness and Joy.

15. September

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