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In the game of baseball, you hear those dreaded words, yoooou’re oouuuuut!! Those are the exact words Amy heard after making the worst mistake she had ever made in her almost 28 years. She had always worked hard to be the “good girl,” so feelings of guilt and shame had been all new to her. Amy thought there would be no way God could ever use her life again, so the long journey down many wrong roads began. Ultimately leading her to seeing God for Who He truly was, experiencing His grace and His love in a way she had never seen before.

Throughout the pages of The Testimony I Never Wanted, Amy paints a picture of how she got herself into some messy situations and ended up doing things she thought she would never do in a million years. Amy explains how she was able to overcome the very things that for nine years tried to destroy her, by facing each one head on. Sitting right in the middle of the heartache and pain, she didn’t back away until all had been confronted. Throughout it all, she allowed God to place His healing hand on each hurt once and for all. Now Amy speaks from a place of strength about the very things that had held her captive, sharing the freedom found in Jesus, so others will find hope in their lives.

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14. November
Amy Blackwell