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The Ultimate Guide to Knitting

Quickly go from Novice Knitter to Skilled Knitter.

This book will quickly get you started to join the millions of knitters who have discovered the Zen of the practice. This craft is now for all ages and easily travels. Many mothers have picked up the practice, finding time to work on projects while the kids play in the local park or while attending a child’s activity.  Knitting is an easy way to give your mind a mental break from life stressors and technology. You become focused on the here and now moment, even being able to hold a conversation and connecting with a loved one during the process. 

This book will first review the tools you need to start knitting.  Starting with an overview of the pros and cons on the multiple types of needles. Next it will be a quick overview of how to read the information on a yarn wrap and how to use this information to select yarn for your projects. You will then be instructed on how to cast your yarn onto the needles as well as to cast off to complete your projects. This will be followed by lessons on how to knit stitch and purl stitch which are the most basic knitting stitches. With these stitches alone you will be able to complete beautiful projects. This book includes a quick instruction on how to make a simple scarf.  You will also be provided information on the most common abbreviations and terms so that you can read and follow simple patterns.

If you have been interested in knitting and want to get a quick start in the craft, this book is designed with you in mind.  Quick to knit provides simple to understand directions quickly go from a novice to a skilled knitter.

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