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This is the third part of a four part BDSM fantasy series, which includes interracial relationships, Male domination, Pony-girls and warring factions.

In part one, Mary was snatched from the relative safety of Maralia, where she was leading a happy and secure life, protected by an army of black soldiers called the Maroons. Mary’s friend, Jenny, is caught up in the situation and transformed into a Pony-girl. Several reports of attacks and murder come to light and it’s not long before they are being linked to Mary who remains on the loose – or is she?

Unbeknownst to the Maroons, Mary falls foul of the city laws, which dictate that any girl under 20, without a guardian can be snatched off the streets and institutionalized into Cat houses. Mary becomes trapped in a Cat house where she submits to be restrained while citizens pay for the use of her body. When she sees Jenny she becomes desperate to escape. I hope you enjoy this third part and the final part of this fantasy BDSM series.

The characters in this novel, experience female and male domination, training (BDSM), and bondage in rubber and leather. It also contains explicit sexual situations, and is very much a story for adults only (18+). Definitely not for those with delicate sensibilities.

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17. Mai
Amelia Stark

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