The War of the Ghosts and Machines The War of the Ghosts and Machines

The War of the Ghosts and Machines

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Are you a ghost or a machine? You don’t need to be a superstitious believer to support the side of the ghosts. In this book, we will show that the ghost side has two faces: Mythos and Logos. The Mythos version of ghosts is laughably silly ... just read the Torah, Bible or Koran to discover how preposterous and irrational it is. The Logos version, on the other hand, is the most rational position you can possibly arrive at, that of hyperrationality, expressed through pure, ontological, monadic mathematics.

For people with a machine mentality (scientists and atheists), everything is about visible objects, and the denial of any invisible reality. For all religious and spiritual people, there’s more to existence than merely what appears to us. There are invisible things – such as souls – and invisible, mental forces, beyond the reach of any scientific experiment, but, crucially, not beyond the reach of reason, logic and mathematics.

Machine people reduce everything to lifeless, mindless, purposeless atoms of matter: the ultimate little machines. For “ghost” people, reality reduces to dimensionless, mathematical singularities, which are none other than the hyperrational monadic souls posited by Pythagoras and Leibniz.

Ghost people subscribe to atoms (minds) with atomic number zero, i.e. minds/souls are made of massless, dimensionless photons. Machine people start with hydrogen atoms, with atomic number one.

All “ghost” entities are associated with zero and infinity. All machine people deny the existence of zero and infinity. Mathematically, these are the two numbers where the ghosts and the machines collide head on. For ghost people, everything begins with zero and infinity, the two numbers that destroy scientific materialism. For machine people, machines randomly magic themselves into existence from non-existence, for no reason and via no mechanism since this is the only way to avoid admitting that an eternal, rational, mathematical order of zero and infinity rules the universe.

This book is all about demonstrating that there are indeed ghosts in the machines – something that science routinely laughs at – and, therefore, that science is completely wrong in all of its claims about ultimate reality. Science is false exactly because it ignores the invisible ghosts – minds/souls – that animate the universe. These “ghosts” aren’t ridiculous Mythos things of religious superstition. They are mathematical Logos entities. They are dimensionless, unextended, immaterial, autonomous Fourier frequency domains (singularities).

Math, not religion, is what refutes science. Math is the ghost that haunts science. Math is what science has never understood, just as it has never understood mind. In fact, these two facts are one and the same: math is mind!

All genuine intellectuals want to take down scientific materialism, to burst its bubble, to expose it as nothing but an elaborate heuristic fiction that’s utterly bankrupt as far as telling us anything about ultimate reality goes. Science is the Great Lie that must be overturned. It has replaced religion as the immense fraud that all intelligent human beings must resist and expose.

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Mike Hockney

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