The Water Kite Journey

Get Wet and Heal!

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Enjoy the very personal journey and passion with water from the healing point of view and personal experiences while coaching and motivating people. The journey is based on a fun perspective of flying a kite as the vehicle in life. You will enjoy and watch as the Author describes health success from over or above water, which brings a different way to draw parallels in life. Have a close encounter with daily health issues and menacing ones that may affect quality of life.

In a hilarious and entertaining way the Author describes the health predators, from the gossiping of a medical office to surf health conditions in the net. Meet the pandemic creatures of health which stops people from evolution and transformation. Explore alternative ways to approach the body as water creatures and in a fun way create a love relationship with the self. Open the heart and just listen to the out loud liquid language of the body in the water, through positions, movement and quality of tissue. Experience the uncorking sensation of healing, even when it does not seem to be real. Embrace the liquid success in health easier and faster than imagination, when water is the catalyst to balance the energy which ignites our daily life success. Meet the health challenges of real testimonies of Latin Americans who getting deep in water have balance their brain to work on their benefit and not against them. Share the extraordinary success stories of the healing power of the liquid that brought us to life: water!

The proposal of the Water Kite Journey is a simple invitation to get wet and heal. It is the journey of dedication and love transferred in the water to change the lives of people. No matter the condition caused by stress and external circumstances, there is always water to heal all around the Island, and in the ocean of life. It is a personal invitation to personal empowerment of liquid prosperity in health. For those who love helping others to get inspired, and get wet to heal their people. The Water Kite Journey is an invitation for individuals, to explore the amazing healing power of water from an evolutionary and personal transformation perspective. It is an invitation to live in perfect love with the self and keep pain on the beauty side of life, understanding the amazing healing power of water. It is an invitation to enjoy the amazing personal journey while engaged in real anecdotic testimonies of healing presented in the book.Undo

28. November