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The Kingdom of Zando and its magnificent Castle on the Hill has always been a source of envy for the kingdoms nearby in this ancient time of magic. Queen Adriana and Duke Arden defended Zando from the evil King Bullato as told in DEFENDING ZANDO, Book One of the Castle on the Hill Series and for several years lived a joyful and fulfilling life. The jealousy of the would-be ruler of the nearby kingdom of Dessatto eventually leads to trouble for Zando and its people. DEFENDING THE CASTLE, Book Two of the Castle on the Hill Series tells the story of Prince Alland and Princess Delice and their romantic, epic adventures as vicious new creatures, evil sorcerers and magic all endangered the people of the Land of Zando. THEY CAME BY SEA (Book Three of the Castle on the Hill Series is the saga of Prince Elland and Princess Liceia and their romantic, epic adventures after capture by the seafaring warriors of ruthless King Ragar of the Ragons. Enslaved in King Ragar’s conquered castle the young royals meet the young Ragon royals and fall madly in love. Their impossible love is made ever more unlikely by the ensuing sea battle between their homeland kingdom and King Ragar’s armada. Thrown into this horrific battle they must somehow escape and return to their homeland. Reconciliation comes to the two warring kingdoms when the love of the young royals for each other brings peace.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
27. Januar
James Richard

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