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The Myers-Briggs personality profiling system is the most popular in the world, today, and personality profiling has reached its summit in the Myers-Briggs system. It places each person, on this planet, into one of its sixteen well-defined categories. To profile is to assess, to stereotype, to categorize, to summarize. If you know your own profile, you can better understand yourself. If you know another's profile, you will understand them better, too. It has helped a great many people, in both their personal and professional lives.
People can be good. People can be bad. People can be kinky. Many people are insulting and vulgar - and they tend to be the most fun. Within these monumental and glorious pages lie the awesome and in-depth axioms, dictums, conclusions, hypothesis, theory, and sheer brilliances of dozens (if not billions) of the greatest of minds ever assembled. Page after page of both well-prepared papers and third-rate, trashy-sounding rants, this author has rummaged through, to bring this extremely profound rendering to his discerning readers' wise and thoughtful eyes.
This is not a typical book on the popular Myers-Briggs system. To read a normal book on the Myers-Briggs only gives one opinion - and a bland opinion, too. Instead, this book's author was able to construct a plethora of opinions, gaining spice and color, flavor and tone, and depth! Raunch and depth! This book helps to understand people, by seeing them more clearly, via very adulterated stereotyping. Many parts of this book can be insulting and vulgar, so you should especially read it if you're easily offended, of course. . .

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
28. Juli
Eric Foster