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I am a bold and beautiful Caribbean girl born in Montego Bay Jamaica West Indies. I left Jamaica after experiencing some tough times and came to the United States. The difficult years of my youth and as a young adult just made me more determined to succeed. Leaving home to find work to help support my family. I went back to school and received my Dental Assistant Certification. I currently work as a Nurses Assistant.
I went back to visit Jamaica to see and do the things I did not have a chance to do growing up. The island with its beautiful beaches, culture and history. The Rose Hall Great House and the story of the White Witch Annie Palmer. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was one of the most prominent poets of the Victorian era. Kingston the capital of Jamaica and is home to Port Royal and the pirate history when the Spanish Galleons sailed the Caribbean. Reflecting on seeing the Queen of England on her visit to the Cayman Islands.
My goal was to accomplish my dream, writing this book, the story of my life. My strong religious belief carried me through my daily life. I thank God for turning my life around. I am a loving sister to my three sisters and their families. May God bless us all including my two brothers. The hardship that my family endured helped shape our lives. The loss of my father at a young age. The struggles of my mother and my sisters to endure those difficult times. I plan to continue living my dream and write many more books.

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25. September