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As I set forth in my Preface, for years many have wanted me to write about my extremely peculiar life experiences. I hesitated, since I never attained celebrity in my performing career, and wondered who would be interested in publishing such a tome from an unknown writer. I was no longer able to perform in my seventies, so after an entire lifetime of writing poetry, I finally managed to have a few poems published. About then, I began to write THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN, and since, have revised it seven times.In 1987 I had the great good fortune to meet a kindred soul who has shared, and still shares, many of my strange experiences that many consider to be "outside the norm". I read his New York Times best-selling book, COMMUNION, and wrote him a letter about a personal alien encounter. His name is Whitley Strieber. Very soon, I received a phone call from his wife Anne, and the three of us met for lunch. He tells of this in his glowing introduction to my book, and about things that transpired afterwards. I am most grateful for this.My book includes experiences that begin as a mere toddler, continuing into the present time. Each chapter relates another strange experience during my life, either with afterlife beings or those of an alien ilk. During my hectic life, I became a Broadway and cabaret dancer, singer and actress and mom of five. I later became grandmother to nine, sadly now eight, and am now great-grandmother to two. Starting with marriage to my dancing partner at seventeen, I write about five more marriages, and mention three affairs with male celebrities. One husband and one lover were suicides, thankfully after I was out of their lives. My last marriage in 1987 was the best, and the only one ending in my spouse's demise.The conclusion of my book presents to the reader feelings about my experiences, and concerns humanity's spiritual past, present, and earth's possible future.

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11. September
Lorie Barnes