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This book is an Aladdin’s cave of treasure for the reader who enjoys writing that engages the senses as well as one’s appreciation of great writing. The author’s humour and wit are dry and subtle. Each sentence is a polished visual gem, drawing the reader into the events unfolding or the situation described. His style is succinct, the whole flows in a lyrical way, carrying the reader smoothly along on a never-ending river of images. For me, the imagery evoked in just a few sentences is something I have hardly ever found. What makes it even more enjoyable is that the creation of the imagery is somehow effortless.
I absolutely adored this book. Fiona Ingram – Multi-award winning author.
Tiddlers in a Jam Jar is a delightful blend of adventure, travel memoir and literary non-fiction. Brian’s story begins in wartime Britain when his world exploded into flames and flying debris with blackness on the windows of houses. He tottered, war-damaged, on purple-cold legs his nose-dribble rounds of a hospital, and dreamt away treadmill school years, to globe-trot on a 50-year odyssey of dangerous and hilarious encounters. To greet a foreign dawn rising into day and feel the thrill of teetering on the unknown. The author has led an unconventional path through life, lost in jungles in search of Mayan ruins, face to face with mountain lions, riding the Hippie Trail and sailing an Asian sea of fleeing refugees

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20. August
Brian Priest

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