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Pacific at war Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide is a compendium of knowledge about the game. It contains various hints (tactics, progression, exploration, gadgets) for the game's story mode. It also lists the game's collectibles and achievements.
Game guide to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a comprehensive and advanced body of knowledge about this online tactical shooter video game. Our guide contains detailed information that explain all in-game mechanics and gameplay features. First chapters of this guide include starting tips and description of basic gameplay mechanics, where you can find valuable information useful for beginners and casual players. In our guide you can find, among other things, a detailed description of user interface, an explanation of task and mission system, an explanation of wounds and fatigue system, as well as information considering the use of a drone, bivouac system, managing provisions or even an explanation of camouflage system. Also, we have prepared chapters concerning character's equipment, including craftsmanship, modifying equipment and creating provisions. Also, check out our description of mechanics related to character development, class selection and skills. The guide contains information about world map and its exploration. You will also learn about opponents the player has to fight with and the available PvP modes.
The Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint game guide includes an extensive FAQ section with answers to the most difficult and weird questions that may arise during your gameplay. You will find here, among other things, a list of abilities that are worth unlocking in the first place, ways to avoid enemy drones and helicopters, description of methods to obtain better items or how to heal your character. We have prepared a set of tips and tricks to help players with various elements of the game - we have described fast ways to obtain cash, crafting materials and experience points. You will learn how to use fast travel system and find some advice on losing the enemy who pursues you. The guide has been concluded with appendix section, which contains chapters describing system requirements, controls on all available platforms, as well as trophy guide (where you can find out how to unlock all trophies of the game).
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an action game set in the universe that players have already visited in the previous installment of the series - Wildlands. Players are taken to the fictional island of Aurora to explore the mysterious issue of sudden loss of communication. The action is presented alternately from behind the back of the hero (TPP) and from a first person perspective (FPP) when shooting and aiming. Players have an open world at their disposal, where they can move around on foot or by one of many available vehicles. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Breakpoint is almost identical to Wildlands. The biggest novelty is the fact that the main character is no longer accompanied by three commandoes controlled by AI, but only a drone known from the previous installment, which can be summoned at any time. The game can be played solo or in cooperation mode, together with three other players, as well as in one of several PvP modes within the Ghost War module.

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