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David was itching to break his unbroken streak of virginity.
At 21 years of age, the male University student was keen to finally pop his cherry once and for all, propelling his masculinity into adulthood.
He secures the services of an experienced escort skilled at servicing clients with various sexual experiences.
However, the naive virgin is unaware the stunning escort doubles as a cruel and sadistic domme.
And so when she learns of his untapped fetish for crossdressing during their dinner date.
The experienced escort uses her seductive skills and sexual expertise to reel the nervous pervert in, unravelling the layers of his secret crossdressing fetish.
She teases him in public, pushing him to test the limits of his secret fantasy.
It’s not long before David is locked securely in a chastity cage, robed in the flimsy pink panties……
………..panting nervously at the hint of tasting the gorgeous goddess perched in front of him, dangling the keys to his virginity.
This 14,400 word short contains explicit scenes of forced sissy feminization, sissy training of a male virgin, crossdressing , female domination , male humiliation, pegging, ballbusting, first time sissification and a dominant and cruel escort slowly transforming her submissive male client into an obedient sissy for and should be enjoyed by adults only.

Belletristik und Literatur
25. Juni
Scarlett Steele

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