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America is a great place to have outdoor vacations. With so much to see and do, you find it very hard to decide what will be your next adventurous holiday destination.

The Rocky Mountains is one such place that offers amazingly beautiful views, breathtaking sceneries, sky-high mountains and outdoor holidays that can be planned all year round. This place is known to have the best of national and state level natural parks in the country. The Glacier National Park in the North West Montana is one of such magnificent natural parks located between Whitefish and St. Mary.

There are a number of outdoor activities that you can indulge to have an adventure filled experience. From hiking to backpack trekking to skiing and snowboarding, there is plenty to do for the outdoor lovers.

The Park is located at a 3 hours distance from Missoula by car. It is in the North-western side of Montana. The park offers day trips with a night stay at nearby locations as well as camping options for long-time visitors. There are a number of places to stay at the park premises as well.

Most of the luxurious and more comfortable accommodation options are not available in the park. For these, visitors have to make reservations at lodges and resorts located at Whitefish or maybe Kalispell for nearby accommodation with all the facilities.

Whether you visit the Glacier National Park at any time during the year, you will find the most amazing sceneries and views to cherish. Based on its unique geography and terrain comprising of steep deep valleys and sharp sky touching peaks, the place is also regarded as The Crown of the Continent. There is beautiful water flowing between the valleys and running green meadows with wildflowers stretching their colors out for miles.

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