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Updated 2016 version. Help young adults avoid the major sand traps of life!

Trust Your Radar provides clear information and practical solutions, delivered with memorable, entertaining, and fun stories from the author's varied careers. We've got to break the cycle of every generation repeating the same mistakes – and have fun along the way!

Distills everything young people need into one plain-spoken, fun to read format.

Parents: You want your kids to know these things!

Target audience – Ages 14 – 40 and concerned parents.

Identify your Radar – It’s your brain functioning optimally; not a vague intuition or sixth sense.

Train your Radar – Stock your memory bank with key information on crime avoidance, healthy weight, tattoos, getting organized, respectful relationships, going to college or work. Cut through fake complexity with clear thinking on evaluating people, investments, credit cards. Learn the most dangerous toxic personality types and avoid them like the plague.

Meet the Radar Jammers – They have the power to turn down or turn off our clear thinking Radars. Some are well known: alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, infatuation, anger. Others are surprising: showing off, rushing toward marriage, unthinking religions, the need for speed, and even fast food!
Learn specific techniques to deal with them all.

Unprecedented approach – Practical, real life lessons filled with engaging, funny, and poignant stories from the worlds of medicine, surgery, firefighting, police work, scuba diving, golf, and other adventures. A totally unique, straightforward approach in an easy and fun to read format.

8. Februar
CB Brooks MD

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