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U-Boats To Spy Satellites are my Memoirs and was written primarily for my family in an attempt to answer some of the questions raised about my highly classified technical life as a Research and Development Electronic Scientist and Engineer.
This book has a total of eight Chapters.
Chapter 1 describes my participation in the highly classified efforts of the US Naval Research Laboratory in combating the German U-Boats during the very early phase of World War II. Chapter 2 describes my work-evaluating prototype Search Radars at the Chesapeake Bay Annex of the Naval Research Laboratory. Chapter 3 describes my role as the Engineer In Charge of the Cheyenne Mt Field Station, a unit of the National Bureau Of Standards in Colorado Springs, CO. This was a research project to provide experimental data for an empirical prediction formula for Over The Horizon long distance communications. Chapter 4 describes my role in follow on work from Chapter 3 and includes many on site experiments in Colorado, Spain/North Africa, Iceland the Philippines. A site survey was conducted in Turkey relating to Air Force Intelligence activities. Chapter 5 describes my role at General Electric and an experiment in Germany evaluating the feasibility of using Air Force and German communication circuits for high-speed data transmission between radar sites now under development for the Cold War. Chapters 6, 7 and 8 are concerned with the Air Force Satellite Control Facility with Tracking Stations all over the world. Chapter 7 centers on my role as Integrating Contractor at the Hawaii Tracking Station. Chapter 8 describes my efforts in developing the next generation of Tracking Stations.

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