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Frederick H. Brown, BSc(Eng), ChEng, BA(law), Barrister at Law, wa born on 27th November 1937. This book is written in the hope that readers will be inspired and realise that anything can be done if you want it strongly enough. The book tells a story of variety, humour and joy. With three careers under his belt, Fred is now retired and paints and plays golf. Born into a working class family, Fred went to Grammar School where he became Head Boy and obtianed two caps with the England Schoolboys Rugby Team. Not surprising when it it known that his father was an International Cyclist and his sister an International Swimmer. From School Fred went to London University to study Engineering. After spending ten years in Engineering Management, Fred spent a year in Italy as a Management Consultant. From there he went into the family business of selling bicycles. The business expanded and then declined, this caused Fred to take up further studies and at the age of 44 he obtained a Degree in Law. At 46 he was called to the Bar and worked as a Barriste in numerous Courts for the next nineteen years. he has worked at 20 different jobs, lived at 14 different addresses and owned 34 different motor vehicles. With his wife Tessa he has three children, all of whom have obtained degrees. He and Tessa, his wife of forty five years, have six grandchildren. This account tells of hard work, numerous amusing events and a touch of betrayal which was overcome.

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