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This book is a small record of how things were done in a particular time period in the Marine Corps training history. In order to win, you have to put the best team together for that period or era. In the ’60s, the techniques and tactics worked for the events that were going on at that time. What didn't work were the procedures we had to follow that were given to us by the politicians who knew nothing about the work we had to do. I’m sure they’ve changed in the last sixty years and will continue to evolve until they are no longer needed. I mean no disrespect to my beloved corps then, now, or in the future. If I were to criticize their procedures then and now, I would say that back then they took the so-called bad boys and now they want you with no flaws so that they don’t have to waste time taking the errant behavior out of the individual in order to put their wants and needs and desires into him. They don’t want to do the heavy lifting anymore. We haven’t won a war since the middle forties, so I wouldn’t know, but I’ve been told by people who were there that, in the end, it is the individual marine with a rifle and fixed bayonet who closes with and kills his enemy. That takes a bad boy who is used to doing the heavy lifting and the dirty work, but we have special units in almost every branch of the service that are trained specifically to do the heavy lifting and the dirty work. Semper Fi.

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