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This book is written to provide insight on the lives of a group of inner city youths known as U-5. Hopefully it will provide enough of the insight needed to truly understand the type of lives they led, the way they were perceived by others, and the repercussions of events set in motion by the actions of individuals within the group. Furthermore, it will focus on two individuals within the group (Daniel Gomez and Rubin Fernandez aka Soni and Slick), the mystery surrounding their deaths and the repercussions that affected various members of U-5 up until this very day. It will take a look at how graffiti writers were/are portrayed by what we call society and go into what I believe are inconsistencies depicted within the book "Subway Lives."
It will take you into the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn where it all started and twenty years later, today. It will follow them into some of their many escapades, some incomprehensible to believe, yet true. You'll get a true sense of the type of people they were, as friends, family and professionals tell us a little about them. Then you will be introduced to U-5 as not only a crew, but as a concept. A concept in which the U represents United, and friendship is more important than fame. This story is not just about the antics of these U-5 individuals. No, it's much more than that. Its about having to let go of the past and not just carrying on, but accepting it. And that could be harder than anything you've ever had to face. The mirror doesnt lie does it? What we believe is not necessarily reality, but whats reflected in the mirror is truth; like it or not.
A wise man once said that between two men there are always three sides to a story, the first mans side, the second mans side, and the truth. Upon deciding to finish this book, the words of Dave Severn, a successful entrepreneur came to mind. He said Fear is the feeling you feel before you do something great. For myself, finishing this book will undoubtedly be one of my greater achievements. And you, that are holding this book, are about to read a great story.

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