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Chronicling Uggie’s life and that of his humans in intimate detail, Uggie: My Story is the hilarious and heart-warming life story of Hollywood’s favourite dog.

The undisputed canine star of multiple-award-winning movie The Artist tells all. From his humble beginnings as a pound-bound hound, Uggie confesses to his youthful misdemeanours including Cat-Gate and Goat-Gate, before taking the reader on a page-turning journey through his career as a Jack Russell pin-up, star of numerous commercials, and bit-part player in several B-list movies. Aged almost seventy in human years, Uggie finally made it to the Oscars in the silent movie that set the world talking before being forced to retire at the peak of his career through ill health.

Uggie’s memoir offers an entertaining romp through his encounters with celebrity actors (animal and human) as well as directors, politicians, journalists and vets. It also covers his disastrous dalliance with alcohol and his squirrel obsession. As well as a love letter to his acting coach Omar Von Muller, Uggie: My Story is revealingly frank about Uggie’s enduring crush on his one-time co-star Reese Witherspoon, which was finally sealed with a kiss at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Everyone loves a happy ending, especially a dog.

‘Uggie’s the catch of the day!’
Katy Perry

‘That was the best action I’ve had in years!’
Whoopi Goldberg, after being kissed by Uggie

‘You have no idea how star struck I am!’
Gerard Butler

‘Uggie was my shadow and my friend’
Jean Dujardin

Warm, funny and totally absorbing, this is the perfect Christmas gift for film and dog fans alike.

About the author

Uggie is a trained Jack Russell famous for his roles in Mr Fix It, Water for Elephants, alongside Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, and most recently silent movie The Artist. Now ten years old (almost seventy in human years), Uggie has retired as a canine actor, but will continue with selected campaigns and appearances.

When not working Uggie lives in North Hollywood with Omar von Muller, his wife, their six-year-old daughter and their seven other acting dogs.

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