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It's 1961 and the original Swamp Team 3 are a week away from becoming members of the Women's Army Corps. But they have two urgent matters to attend to before they leave: Prevent Gertie's cousin, Barbara, from marrying Harvey Chicoron and settle a score with their arch enemy, Celia.

It's a simple mission.

Until they discover a mysterious stranger has been tracking their every move.

Who is he? And why is he also stalking Marge's Aunt Louanne, a woman with a few mysteries of her own?

Undercover is book 1 in the Sinful Past series of stories featuring Ida Belle, Gertie and Marge in their younger years. Join the original Swamp Team 3 as they raise hell, solve mysteries, and keep the town of Sinful, Louisiana from going to pot. Oh, and maybe have a romance or two along the way. These stories take place from the 60s on up and can be read in any order.

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Undercover is a novella in the Miss Fortune World, wherein Jana DeLeon has allowed writers to create stories using the world of Sinful and the wacky characters it's famous for. I wish to thank Ms. DeLeon for graciously allowing other writers to explore their own writing in a most Sinful way.

Krimis und Thriller
17. August
J&R Fan Fiction

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