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“Why is it that we soon forget the very one we long for? Why are knowledge, understanding and judgment so alluring to us? When will that tree be cut down forever and never again tantalize and entice us to run from life and to embrace death?”

Let’s go back to the garden, where we can dance with our Papa God. Do you remember what it was like? In Until Now: My Walk with God...So Far, Roland Filbrun takes us on a poetic journey through his own experiences with love, with disappointment, and most of all with the faithfulness and fierce love of our amazing God. Roland shares his journey and insights from a faith-filled life lived to the fullest. From his first experiences with the ever-alluring forbidden fruit to his wrestling with legalism and finally to God's heart-altering revelations received during and since his traumatic brain injury, this book will take you on a journey with Papa you will never forget and it will challenge you in your own walk of faith.

Insights from Papa:
“This is our story, your story, the human story of the journey out of a cursed world and into the Garden of Grace. Every death I’ve experienced along the way was nothing more than the birth canal that brought me from the dark womb of the lie into the bright world of truth!”

“In all of those moments when you have turned from the living tree and ate of the tree of death, God wants to reign supreme. When we won’t accept this truth, it is only because we are eating this poisonous fruit, believing the lie that the absence of sin is better than the presence of a Redeemer!”

“I will choose to celebrate the sins that were done against me because truly, they are way more beautiful as gemstones of redemption than as dusty skeletons buried in a closet of self-protection.”

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20. Dezember
Roland Filbrun