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Did you know how important Vagus Nerve is for the majority of our body's function and healing?

Did you also know that this autonomic-nervous-system related nerve, if stimulated in the right way, can reduce our body anxiety, inflammation and chronic illness?

How could it be possible?

If you never heard about Vagus Nerves, which are usually referred to in the singular, they are the longest and maybe the most important autonomic nerves in human body.

Starting from the inferior cerebellar peduncle it extends up to the colon.

And how is it related to our body's natural healing?

Simply because this nerve is related to the most important organs and a lot of physical and emotional effects.

In fact Vagus Nerve partially controls our heart and other internal organs as well, insulin signaling, emotions like orgasms and other physical functions.

Knowing exactly and stimulating in the right way this important nerve can bring lots of benefits on various areas.

This is how to reduce anxiety, inflammation, chronic illness and improving body's natural healing at the same time could be possible.

Thanks to Peter Reid you'll find a complete and easy guide in "Vagus Nerve: the self-therapy guide to accessing the healing power of the vagus nerve. Learn to manage anxiety, depression and chronic stress with self-help exercises"
Here's what you will find inside:What is Vagus Nerve and how is it related to the autonomic nervous system and other important parts of our bodyVagus Nerve association with stress and chronic disorderThe role of Vagus Nerve stimulation as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorderVagus Nerve stimulationWhat happens when the Vagus Nerve isn't working well...and much more!
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