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Being a teenager is hard enough without the added pressure of keeping a secret.

Eli Ridgewood is a self-described Late Bloomer who at fifteen still has no interest in girls. However, after a chance encounter in the weight room with a fellow teammate sparks new and exciting feelings to life, he's left with more questions than answers. With no one else to turn to, Eli seeks help from Bennett, the only openly gay boy in his high school. When Bennett suggests that Eli accompany him on a comfort zone-stretching trip to a gay club, Eli reluctantly agrees. It's on this trip full of surprises that Eli meets Wesley, the most beautiful boy he's ever seen.

WHAT'S NOT BROKEN is the coming-of-age story of one boy's struggles and triumphs as he learns to live the life he was made for.

Scott Bowles of USA TODAY says,

"A terrific, emotional read. Parker takes what could have been fodder for an after-school special and turns it into gripping, believable narrative. She has a firm grasp not only of life in the South, but the contemporary pressures facing high school boys -- and all adolescents -- as they wend their way to adulthood. Parker's knack for dialogue, particularly, is astonishing for a new writer. What's Not Broken? Parker's skill at telling a story."

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D. J. Parker