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A missing ex. Two missing children. And the man caught in the middle of a cartel's proposed hostage exchange.

When his ex-boyfriend vanished with stolen millions, Darke went to prison for his part in the heist. Another man might want revenge. All he wants is the chance to rebuild his life with a new and better man, former FBI Special Agent Flare Greene.

But everybody else still wants the millions.

When a faceless organization grabs two small hostages to force Darke to lead them to the missing money, he no longer has a choice. He must find his elusive ex or die trying.

And death is not an option as long as the two boys are in the hands of kidnappers.

Meanwhile, the FBI is dangling a mysterious new assignment in front of Flare― an assignment very far away from the rescue of two small hostages. What are the higher-ups in the bureau up to this time?

If they think they're going to slow down Darke Davis, they've got the wrong guy.

Nobody and nothing is stopping Darke this time.

Not even Flare.

This action-packed 80,000-word male/male romantic suspense novel includes plenty of twists and turns along the way. There are no cliffhangers. As the third novel in the Darke & Flare trilogy, this book wraps up many threads and may contain spoilers to earlier books. We suggest you read in this order:
*Darke Accused
*The Double
*Where Missing Boys Go

Belletristik und Literatur
8. Januar
Paris April Press

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