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Taylor-Boyce has written a stellar work that is guaranteed to free the mentally imprisoned and bring peace to all. The book begins by asking the question, who are you? Comfort of the body has always been our first priority. In this book, ease of the mind is the focus which gives comfort of the body. Comfort of the mind brings the following rewards:

Substantial improvement
Growing aptitude for exuberance
Inability to worry or fear
Gaining of appreciation
Freedom from dullness

In this book you will discover answers to those thought-provoking questions.

Why Are You Here?

The book begins by asking the question, who are you? This question is one that everyone needs to ask themselves. When I ask, who are you? I am not referring to what you are called. I am not referring to your birth name, nationality, country of origin, profession, or the fact that you are a parent. I am asking about that person inside you.

While this may seem like a simple question, many people struggle with a response. This question is difficult because we tend to identify with our chosen profession. Very few of us take time out to ponder this age-old question. Nonetheless, if we are to succeed in life, obtain joy, happiness, and peace of mind, we must know the answer to the question, who are you?

This Question Is Difficult

Knowing the answer to who you are conjures up another question: why are you here? We live on this vast planet called Earth with global communications and instant messaging, yet we are challenged by this question. This question is more difficult to answer and as such may pose some difficulty in our fully grasping the understanding of why we are here.

Achieving Simplicity

It is the writers desire to bring simplicity to these questions. This book, while attempting to convey clarity of ones purpose, will help in guiding those seeking answers to these questions. The goal or aim is through the answering of these questions to take a survey of our present position with an honest view. This is a more difficult thing to accomplish than we can imagine. However, after examining our present position, we would be able to identify the results of our thinking and realize the destruction of our thoughts. We will be able to guard our mind from ever slipping back.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
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