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Raised by a wealthy European couple in Bayville, New York, Zane struggled in his toddler and teen years with the nihilist philosophy on the meaningless of life because death was the ultimate result. With these thoughts gradually building a suicidal mind-set, Zane searched high and low for answers and sought the importance of life if there was one. Growing up, he had been conditioned by an Israeli soldier hired by his parents to train him in the arts of Krav Maga to ward off bullies and enemies during his school years. However, this would prove to become his biggest hurdle. After being denied truth from his own parents, he rebelled against them intellectually; and after inheriting a fortune from their wealth after their deaths, he used it to build a church after coming to faith. Being accused by many Christian leaders of being a false teacher for his faith-only stances, a man was sent to address him in person. He later failed to lay his life down for the crown given to those who did. Also discovering the truth of his origins, he then realized there were more answers that needed to be sought. Although he still maintained his philosophy that life was truly meaningless, instead of seeking death without purpose, he now sought death with purpose and chose to embark on his journey for martyrdom, redemption, truth, and another shot at the crown of life.

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14. August
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