You Float My Boat You Float My Boat

You Float My Boat

The brand new sizzling TikTok romance from the bestselling author of Oar Than Friends

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All Charlie Masterson wants is to graduate Oxford. With a first, obviously. But then his life gets turned upside down when Evie Waters waltzes into his philosophy class. Evie Waters, the one-time, very careless owner of his heart. A heart he has no intention of giving away ever again, therefore he needs to come up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Violet Brooks has her life together, mostly. She’s a term into reading English at Oxford, and she’s hoping for the lead in the University’s summer production of Twelfth Night. There’s just one tiny snag. Her brother’s best friend just asked her to be his fake girlfriend. Her brother’s best friend who she’s been in love with since the first time she saw him.

Evie’s reappearance makes it hard for Charlie to focus on anything but repelling her advances. While Violet is now immersed in the role of a lifetime.

As Charlie and Violet spend more time together, it soon becomes hard to tell where the acting ends and real life begins, especially when Charlie starts looking at Violet the way she’s always looked at him.

Because all’s fair in love and war, right?

6. Februar
Penguin Books Ltd

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