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Have you noticed that you started reading less and more of your time is spent watching videos? Well, you are not alone because video has become a trend and the growth of video has been accelerating in the last few years and it's not going to stop.

So, as a smart entrepreneur you should take advantage of this trend and take steps to position yourself to prosper from this growth of video.

The main way to do video marketing these days is to create a YouTube channel. Yes, there are other video sites where you could market on, but you won't get nowhere near the results on these other platforms that you get from YouTube. After all YouTube is the third largest website out there.

So, in this book you will learn the basics of YouTube marketing. This is not a fancy YouTube guide that shows some glitch in the system that works for a month and then gets your whole channel penalized. No, you will not see any of the "YouTube How To Make $1000 With One Simple Video" stuff. I wouldn't really mind writing a YouTube guide about it because a month later I should already edit the book. Still, I will share some YouTube money making strategies that are proven to work now and in the future.

This is somewhat a YouTube for dummies book, but I share these strategies from my experience I have learned advanced YouTube strategies, but those last only until the next ranking algorithm update.

So, if you want to set-up YouTube for business, for a long term business that this, then this book is definitely for you.

You will learn:
How to create videos even if you are afraid of the camera.

How to optimize your videos and channel to get as much views as possible.

How to promote your videos to get a ton of views.

How to monetize your videos properly to keep earning money even if your YouTube channel got shut down.

And much much more...

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2. Oktober
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