A Liberated Life: Effiji Breathwork and the Process of Freeing Your Mind A Liberated Life: Effiji Breathwork and the Process of Freeing Your Mind

A Liberated Life: Effiji Breathwork and the Process of Freeing Your Mind

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    • 119,00 kr

Publisher Description

Are you longing to liberate yourself from old patterns and habits that keep you stuck and unfulfilled? Are you yearning to be more yourself, to realize your potential, but feel thwarted by internal forces instead? It’s possible you’ve tried a number of different approaches to overcoming obstacles to greater freedom and well-being and are skeptical that anything will actually work. In this book, author Elijah Nisenboim, details how to de-program your mind so it will actually work to support your liberation rather than continue handcuffing you.

In this succinct and practical book, Elijah focuses on the destructive role of unconscious resistance and unveils the essential integration of breath work and energy work in breaking through that resistance in order to undo the internal programs that imprison you. This book details the practice of Effiji Breathwork ©, developed by Elijah, as a potent methodology for working through your resistance so you can change your life. This book concretely describes how to create a process for change and emphasizes the importance of embracing rather than resisting your suffering, so you can align with the path of growth you need to be on to uncover and fulfill your purpose – a purpose that is your destiny to actualize. More than just philosophical or psychological doctrine, however, this book takes you into personal realms of suffering and freedom – including Elijah’s – and, ultimately, takes you out of the mind and into the heart.

Liberation and fulfillment are timeless pursuits. Many suffer because they long to play a more positive, productive and helpful role in society. Today, people turn to many resources and modalities to increase well-being and purpose. This book focuses on the two most powerful resources – and they are always with you: breath and energy. If you want to free your mind so you can change your life, read this book!

Elijah Nisenboim
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25 March