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Make bedtime a wonderful experience with Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids.

This book is full of 12 wonderful short stories that will help children fall asleep while also helping them learn valuable life lessons.

From learning how to honor their feelings and needs to value their own efforts and the importance of forgiveness, there are many wonderful things to be learned from this book.

Each story contains a relaxing meditation to help your child calm down and prepare for a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep.

Then, we will move through a short story that helps teach them a lesson while also helping them calm down and feel more peaceful.

Finally, we will end each story with helpful affirmations that remind them of their value, their importance, and their worth in life.

Through each of these empowering stories, you can feel confident that your child will sleep better, while also improving their self-esteem and self-confidence.

This book works best if paired with a great sleeping routine, to begin with.

In it, we discuss a helpful sleep routine that you can use to help your child sleep even better, while also helping them become more involved in their own sleep routine.

Everything within this book truly is about empowerment, relaxation, and healthy sleep.

The 12 stories and their lessons that are shared within Bedtime Meditation Stories For Kids include: 

"Lavender Chases a Butterfly" which emphasizes the importance of chasing your dreams and asking for help
"Rex Has a Great Day" which helps your child affirm that they can have a great day, too
"Sally Plays Imagination" which helps your child recognize the importance of their imagination and creativity
"Gilbert’s Day of Fun which helps your child affirm that they can choose to have fun, even when things do not go their way
"Penny Finds A Sunny Spot" which emphasizes the importance of relaxing and having peace in your life
"Josh and His Friend Make Amends" which teaches your child to apologize and offer forgiveness when need be
"Lisa Bakes a Cake" which talks about the value of doing things for yourself and the pride we can have when we do things ourselves (even if we need help to do them)
"Corey Hurts His Knee" which teaches your child to honor their feelings and express their feelings in a healthy and positive manner
"Pauline Needs a Break" which discusses the importance of honoring your needs and taking a time out when you feel overwhelmed
"Devon Tries Again" which teaches your child that it is okay to make mistakes and try again
"David Goes Whale Watching" which teaches your child how to embrace adventure and how to handle emotions that come with trying new things
"Daffodil Meets a Friend" which teaches your child how to make new friends and have positive experiences in their social life

These 12 stories are completely unique to Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids and will have a wonderful impact on helping them sleep, while also helping them learn valuable life lessons.

Grab your copy today to incorporate it into your child’s bedtime routine!

Kids & Young Adults
Leigh Serling
hr min
January 8
Duccio Manfredi

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