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Do you find yourself often feeling anxious, unmotivated, depressed, or feeling negative about yourself? Is it so often that it is beginning to impact your day-to-day life? Have you wondered if your feelings are normal, but you feel too ashamed to ask those close to you about their own experiences, and you are unable or unwilling to speak to a therapist? Are your negative emotions causing you to react disproportionately when you are faced with a challenging situation? Do you wish you could change your way of thinking into something more conducive to living a fulfilled life?

If you can answer yes to even one of these questions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Negative Thinking, and Depression has arrived to help you.

This audiobook will be your comprehensive introduction into the wonders of cognitive behavioral therapy, teaching you how you can control your feelings and behaviors by altering your ways of thinking and challenging any thoughts that have become distorted.

You will learn about the constant feedback loop between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, discovering how your thoughts influence your feelings, which influence your behavior. By learning this key fact, you will be ready to unlock the methods of influencing your thoughts into something positive and productive. This method can be used to alleviate symptoms from nearly any mental health issue, and this book will take a particular focus on correcting anxiety, depression, and general negative thinking.

Through no-nonsense descriptions and examples, this audiobook will guide you through understanding what cognitive behavioral therapy is and how it is so beneficial. It will also provide you with insight into what mental health issues can do to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

You will learn how cognitive behavioral therapy can be a valuable asset to changing your life, and you will learn the skills to complete this process, all from the comfort of your own home! These skills you learn will provide you with a mental toolbox that is armed to fix many of life’s various traumas you will inevitably face and provide you with the option to follow these steps without requiring you to leave home.

In this audiobook, you will find:

An in-depth analysis of cognitive behavioral therapy, including how it works, what treatment entails, and a step-by-step guide of the most common techniques taught in this therapy
Overview of the most common mental health issues, with a focus on anxiety and depression

It will also help in:

Understanding negative automatic thoughts and how to identify them
Identifying and understanding emotional triggers
Correcting misconceptions of cognitive behavioral therapy
Identifying cognitive distortions and what their most common forms are
Learning to break free from negative thoughts
And more...

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John-Michael Jalonen
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May 22
PG Publishing LLC