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Do you want to know the techniques of dark persuasion?

Do you want to protect yourself from brainwashing?

This book discusses dark persuasion and many other topics. Dark persuasion refers to many techniques that are constantly used against us, in order to make us think less and do what we are told to do.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is just one aspect of working with your own thoughts and behaviors, as well as the thoughts and behaviors of others, to gain wisdom, strength, and defense against those who want to take advantage of you. This book will describe NLP in detail and offer suggestions on how to employ the principles of this method to bolster your development.

This book will also teach you how to unmask the dark persuader, to analyze the messages that are given to you, and to create a space between you and your subconscious so that you can process communication and improve your functioning in life. Many people fall prey to the pitfalls of persuasive messages coming at them from all angles.

Techniques of dark persuasion include and are included in brainwashing, deception, covert manipulation, and many other aspects of communication and deceit. By learning to analyze what you read, hear, and learn, you will start to be able to delineate what is good for you, what is honest, and who is lying. Start learning how to resist dark persuasion and make yourself more successful.

There are many psychological factors that go into the process of covert manipulation and dark persuasion. Among them are psychological weakness, self-awareness, confidence, trust, and the ability to analyze others. If you are able to strengthen yourself in these areas, you will be able to understand how you have been manipulated in the past, and how you can avoid these situations in the future.

Kings and rulers since the dawn of time have used manipulation and persuasion to gain power. Power comes to people who are able to use their minds separated from the emotions and petty drivel that is often consumed by the masses. The point is not to become emotionless and cold, but rather to create a sense of how to be in the world with a strong sense of self, confidence, and a steely determination that will allow you to be successful.

This book discusses self-realization, techniques to avoid persuasion, the subconscious, and how all of these relate to the understanding of dark persuasion and dark psychology. It is not easy to go through the process of development, but this book will help bring you to a place where you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and from there, you can begin to stand up to the forces that are bringing you down.

Topics covered in this book include:

Persuasion techniques
Subconscious desires
Analytics of persuasion
How to influence others
Defense tools and skills
Understanding deception
Covert manipulation
Understanding the self

Even if you’ve never study dark persuasion techniques, you can learn to defend yourself quickly.

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Jordan Blom
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August 24
Sigmund Foster