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Publisher Description

Recipes sizzle and intrigue simmers when the Gourmet Detective takes a ride on the 25th anniversary journey of the world-famous Danube Express. The stately railroad starts its route in the Alps and cuts through Austria, Hungary, and the former Yugoslavia before pulling up on the shores of the Black Sea in Romania. Along the way, its passengers - hailing from Europe’s business and social elite - sample the best and most enticing foods those countries’ cuisines have to offer, dishes as unfamiliar and exotic as they are delicious....

From Germany, braised lamb with rutabagas, or roast duck - its skin as crackly as phyllo and the meat juicy and flavorful, served with Savoy cabbage, leeks, carrots, onions, and celery.... From Austria, stuffed breast of veal with buttered chestnuts, served with braised fennel, watercress, and tarragon.... From Hungary, Libermaj, a goose liver pt seasoned with paprika, pimentos, and scallions, blended with hard-boiled eggs and white wine.... From the Balkans, escallopes of veal cooked Dubrovnik style - simmering in onions and mushrooms that have been sauted in butter and seasoned with thyme and bay leaves..... All complemented by some of the finest wines and brandies in the world!

The Gourmet Detective is aboard to see how it’s done; he’s been hired by another luxury rail line to sit back, relax, fill his face, and take notes. But nothing is ever easy - or safe - where food, money, and celebrity meet, and this trip is no exception. When a celebrated Hungarian stage actress vanishes from the moving train, the Gourmet Detective finds himself enlisted in a desperate search for her abductor, or killer, and for answers in a bizarrely unfolding mystery that, as usual, centers on humanity’s most consuming passion: food!

As the Danube Express chugs into the night, haute cuisine, fine wine, and murder become the main orders of business on this fun and fascinating foray through a world of mouth-watering delights.

Crime & Thrillers
David Baker
hr min
February 5
Audible Studios