Essential BushCraft & Emergency BushCraft (Unabridged) Essential BushCraft & Emergency BushCraft (Unabridged)

Essential BushCraft & Emergency BushCraft (Unabridged‪)‬

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Some say it's survival of the fittest. What it should be is survival of the prepared, and here's why...

Are you tired of living in a world where humans have lost all kinds of consideration to mother nature, having become infinitely indulged in the concepts of profit and greed?

Do you find attractive the idea of living on the edge with only the bare minimum, wanting to experience the ultimate satisfaction that comes from being creative and resourceful in the wild?

But while you’re marveling at the beauty of Mother Nature, she is plotting your demise.

Approximately 140 people die in US national parks every year from drowning, falls, heat or cold exposure, and wildlife.

Mother Nature is ruthless just as much as she is beautiful, and she doesn’t forgive mistakes.

A nice camping or hiking trip can turn deadly in seconds. So much can go wrong when you venture outdoors, and it doesn’t take a lot for you to be thrown into a life-threatening situation

Essential Bushcraft & Emergency BushCraft is the only survival guide that will equip you with both: Skills to survive any outdoor emergency, and mental strength that will help you stay calm and poised during life-threatening situations.

Inside, here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover:

Why bushcraft is the answer you've been searching for to become completely independent and easily survive on your own in the wilderness
Exactly how to begin your preparations to survive in nature, even if you've never been outside the city in your life
Step-by-step guidance on how to acquire all the essentials with nothing but your wit and your hands
What exactly your relationship to nature could be if you take the time to understand its endless secrets and hidden gems
Straightforward techniques to build your own tools and finally become the engineer of your own life
The empowering skills you will get once you master the knowledge and mysteries of all the wealth of the earth
Simple mental reprogramming exercises the Navy SEALs use to fully control their minds and emotions in emergencies
Techniques used by various special forces units that develop observational skills
A detailed list of personal protective equipment (PPE) you should always carry to survive in the wilderness
A guide on how to perform a physical examination of injuries on yourself or someone else for worst-case scenarios
Techniques for treating all types of mental and physical injuries, from cuts and fractures to strokes and seizures
Expert advice on how to deal with emergencies caused by predators, insects, and plants
Bonus: How to survive 5 life-threatening scenarios that can happen anywhere, such as a car accident

Bushcraft is not just about surviving in nature; it is about adopting a new way of thinking.

Christopher Lawson
hr min
2 November
Wolfman Publishing